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PostPosted: Sun Sep 15, 2013 4:49 am    Post subject: Hentai database Application[BETA] Reply with quote

.========================= About Application =======================
Links will remain here at all times(so a new patch will always be in the patch with a - [date] label). Newest patch will always be in the main .rar file(so no need to download both)

The database is actually very simple. You create a series, add the episodes, add the girls that appear in them, and also add each girl to the actual episode(this is the lengthy process, but ability to use text-files makes it a bit less tedious), once this is done it'll be saved into the MySQL database, which will then allow you to browse the series you've created manually, or search them based on different criteria's you select(However searching is very limited in the beta(more in beta info about that or manual)).

On the left is the list of episodes, top is the search bar obviously, and on the right is the data of selected series. The series tab shows general information.

The episodes tab show a list of all the episodes and information relevant to each one(like situations that happens and such). The blue text indicates it can be clicked(just like a webpage) and it'll start up the episode in any selected media player(or default media player). Do note some media players won't work as it won't let non-OS processes to start it(a.k.a windows media player).

Girl(and guy) tab shows all the girls(or guys) that appear in the series, as with episodes the episodes here are also clickable to open up indicated by blue text. Also contain general over-view-ish information about the girls, and an general image of her\him.

The apperance "tab" is shown when you click on the image of the girl\guy, here you see the information of the girl in each and every episode. The times she appears in is clickable if you have added MPC(Media player classic) or VLC to the database(trough the options menu), as only those 2 support this functionality(from media players I know off and it has to be made for each-individual as playback arguments change).

============================= Beta info ============================
The beta is more focused in the ability to start to build up an actual database, rather then actually using it(don't take it wrong, it is perfectly usable apart from the limited searching), as I see it as more important to be able to build up the actual database with stuff before searching will become an issue anyway.

With the beta all data that is created will be supported for any and all versions that come later(yes I gurantee this, even if I completely change stuff), I will also create an import\export functionality that will either import it into a key = value pair(like you do for text-file inserting) or a mySQL one with inserts and so on and on. So will also be possible to move the entire database to another mySQL database in the future.

The searching exists and "works" but it will be quite buggy on quite allot of things, it's mostly to check if you have a series or not, and if you have all the episodes for it or not, rather then a "I wanna watch #### now", but searching is the second most important thing I'm going to focus from now(rewriting code and fixing bugs have priority obviously).

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 15, 2013 5:44 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

It's a good idea, I think you should include more things to search, as theme of the series, or the type of fetish that they focus on.

I have been using this site: http://www.hentaianimedownloads.com/tag-cloud-page/ to identify series that people request, and being able to search through specific fetishes or themes has made a lot easier to find a series.
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 15, 2013 4:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

[Reserved for changelog]

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 24, 2013 4:39 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Like most people that play video-games(and like GTA) I've been busy with gaming that non-stop last week, and so obviously haven't really done anything with the program. However, now that I've finished all the missions of it my interest in GTA has been heavily reduced, and my interest in continue programming has been increased and so I'm back to coding again.
============================== Working on ============================
I'm currently working towards finishing up all the features required for beta, more specifically: The ability to add new episodes\girls etc to already created episodes. once that's done I'm jumping over towards translation possibilities(It's simple enough, but it does require to make all text changeable, which will take some time, not to mention ability to make different databases for different languages).
============================== Beta Features ===========================
These are most of the features that's required(and thus will be added) for the beta release. once all of them have been added\created, the program will officially be in beta and ability to create, save and store databases will be added.
    Config files(better ones anyway) that register settings and also maintain OS specific information(so you can move the database from linux to windows or windows to mac and so forth rather seamlessly).

    An options menu so you can actually change things that will be saved in the config file.

    Ability to add new episodes, girls and girl appearances to already created series.

    A guys database(equal to girls, reason this hasn't been actually created is because it's a mirror of the girls database with a very few limited differences).

    Ability to run episodes at specific times(only work for supported players) where girls appear.

    Possibility to translate the software to different languages, and also have separate databases for separate languages(with default tags fitting the translated languages).

========================== Done so far ========================
I've done some major alteration to the code, changed, rewritten and moved major parts of it all to make it easier to maintain. Some places had become extremely big, others very unorganized etc, so that's been fixed. Also commented some areas that were extremely lacking of comments, in other words: things no one except those that actually look at the code would ever notice(Which obviously is just me at the moment, but will potentially be others when I actually make it open source, which will be around beta-release).

I've fixed a few issues, such as the scroll problem that I've completely ignored as I just didn't want to bother with it(scrolling down also scrolls tabs down, and scroll bars are the size of the biggest tab, rather then individual for each tab etc). Also added an ability to see how many girls, girl appearances and episodes(and how many episodes are required) that's been created so far, and added a theme field for the series as suggested.

Lastly the program now creates required folders automatically with dummy files to cover it(a placeholder image of preferred size, and also an empty file instead of an episode holding the required name). Also potentially increased performance on tags(so opening the creation and edit windows should be faster).

And here's the patch containing the changes(.rar file contains everything needed as well if you don't have that): http://www.mediafire.com/?kjrbeeja2rod9bj
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 07, 2014 11:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Progress has been pretty slow(work's a bitch), but it's getting closer to an actual beta(so a noteworthy release). A few things has been pushed back\ignored and instead placed on a "will do for a later release"(such as better searching) so for the actual beta release only the actual core of the software will be done(so the main idea is to add stuff, ability to edit\delete stuff, and ability to search up if you've already added it or not) so that it is usable, but not perfect.

At the moment what is left to be done is to create the "guys" tab(which is more or less finished at this moment), creating a user-manual so that it's easier to use\learn to use(obviously a pretty short one at this moment) and re-write certian parts of how the program creates one of the config files. Options menu's and such has already been created.

Depending on work and so on I'm looking at end of janauray, start of march-kind(more likely being later january) off for an actual workable release.
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